Manufacturing operations are our passion and we have dedicated ourselves to working with this industry because…It’s Fun! Learning how a furniture manufacturer makes his product or how a pool skimmer is developed is exciting. We take that excitement for these processes and create a risk management product to specifically protect each manufacturing operations. Here are just a few coverages we provide manufacturing operations.

  • Product Liability Coverage
  • Captive Programs
  • Aggregate Deductible Products
  • Worker Compensation Experience Modifier Analysis
  • Products Recall Coverage
  • Errors & Omissions Manufacturing Coverage


The approach is simple… Take care of our clients. If we make this the priority then everything else will fall in place. Pricing, coverages, and servicing will all be best in class if we stick to the approach of taking care of our clients. It is a simple concept but our goal is to perfect it. Please let us know how we can take care of you.


To provide a customized Insurance & Risk Management program for each client in a way that will reduce the cost of risk, provide alternative risk financing solutions, increase coverage enhancements, and expand their safety programs; all while provide best in class service.


Always take a proactive approach to communication so the client does not have to pick up the phone or send an email when there are pending items but rather will get updates frequent enough to feel engaged in the process. Educate your client on the coverages and make sure you guide them through the “what if” scenarios so they can sleep at night. Make insurance fun; who says insurance has to be boring.

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